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Vermont Chapter Newsletter


After a short hiatus, the Vermont Sierran is back and better than ever! This semi-annual newsletter features the latest information about the Sierra Club - Vermont Chapter. Also, we like to include op-eds and photographs by Vermont Chapter members and local, outdoor enthusiasts. If you want to express your opinion about the environment or show off your outdoor photography send an article or photo album to (Please keep in mind though that we reserve the right to edit all content.) 

Vermont Sierran - Spring 2012 - What's Inside: "Our Forests Our Future on the March", "VT Right to Know", "Law Clinic Advances Environmental Issues", and "Status of Vermont Yankee."

Vermont Sierran - Fall 2011 - What's Inside: "Bats Are Listed (Hurray!); Now Comes the Hard Part," "Windpower on the Ridge," "Corporate Giants Do Fall," and "Save the Lake"

Vermont Sierran - Spring 2011 - What's Inside: "State Lands and ATVs Don't Mix", "Remembering Chernobyl", "No Such Thing As Sustainable Forestry", and "Sierra Club and Abenaki Unite."

Vermont Sierran - Fall 2010  - What's Inside: "We’re Back!!!", "Chapter and Vermont Yankee", "Iceland, Ecological Economics, and the GPI", "Canada View", "Adirondacks to Acadia", and "Volunteer Opportunities."


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